Friday, January 6, 2012

OMG it's been two months already.

So its pretty obviously i have decided to do a wedding blog! Hopefully I will actually keep it up to date, we shall see. Im not the best at blogging for my own photography business soooo….=) Well to start off i have decided to do a wedding blog bc i didn't want the normal "knot" wedding page. Since I am a photog a blog just makes for since! This blog will be an account of my experiences as a bride, planning and ALL THINGS VINTAGE! For those of you who know me, how could we not have a vintage inspired wedding?! 

WE have decided on November 3rd, 2012.
Wedding will be in Anderson, SC at The Bleckly Inn (….squeels with excitement!)

With that being said, there are about 7 weddings that I know about next year of friends and people I graduated with so I felt it necessary to post my date…so it wouldn't get taken ;) 

This is the 1st of many posts so if you want details check in and follow =)

Ill leave y'all with a taste of the theme we are looking at: 1940's Old New York 

yummy. Yes this is what Jonathan wants to wear and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Obviously I will NOT be posting my dress until after the big day, but yes I already got it! 5th dress I tired on at Bella Vista in Columbia. 

For more ideas of what I'm planning check out my wedding board at :